James bought $175 in accessories for his video game console. He spent $15 on a new power cord and the rest of his money on 5 new video games. Each video game cost the same amount. Write two equations you could use to find the cost of each video game.

Accepted Solution


I believe two equations you can make to represent the question are...


The first equation, (175-15)/5, makes you subtract 15 from 175 to get 160. You'll then divide 160 by 5 to get 32.

The second equation, 5x+15=175, makes you subtract 15 from 15 and 175, so you'll equation will look like this...
You'll then divide 5x and 160 by 5 to get x=32.

So for both equations, you'll get an answer of 32.

I hope this helps!