FIRST CORRECT ANSWER = BRAINLIEST What two numbers are twice as far from 14 as they are from 20?

Accepted Solution

Honestly the fasted way to do this is to guess and check, but here's the long way:

Let the unknown numbers be represented by x and let the distance x is from 20 by d. With the information in the question, we can determine the following:

x=14+2d or x=14-2d.
x=20+d or x =20-d.

To simplify the question, let's set a range for the possible answers. The information in the question shows that the unknown numbers are closer to 20 than 14. This means that the numbers are greater than 17. 17 is equally far from 14 and 20 and anything under 17 is closer to 14 than 20. With this range, we can eliminate x=14-2d because 14-2d is less than 17. That leaves us with x=14+2d and x=20+d or x=20-d. From here, you can just substitute x=14+2d into x=20+d and 20-d to get the two possible answers:



So the numbers are going to be 6 and 2 away from 20. For the first number, its either 26 or 14. 14 is closer to 14 than 20, so 26 is the first number. For the second number, it is either 22 or 18. 22 is 8 away from 14 while 18 is 4 away from 14. 2 is half of 4 and not 8, so 18 is the answer.